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KACHO4.5 size plate

KACHO4.5 size plate

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KACHO 4.5 inch plate

The silhouette of the bird in the ZOA Daily Series Dyed Plum Bird Pattern is emphasized only with diagonal lines, and the plum blossom is accented with red and silver mica to create an accent in the Gosu color.

Material porcelain
size φ14cm H2.5cm
specification microwave oven
oven ×

inherit the tradition

ZOA (zero origin arita)'s zero origin is the origin.
While wishing to return to the origins of manufacturing using Old Imari as a model, we propose beautiful Arita ware that is ``classy'' and ``modern'' by adding new decorative techniques to the craftsmanship that has been cultivated and handed down over a long history. Masu.

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