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Grape squirrel 8 size helmet plate diameter 24.5

Grape squirrel 8 size helmet plate diameter 24.5

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Grape squirrel 5.5-inch helmet plate

This is the Yoichi Yamaguchi series, which is completely handmade from molding to painting.
The charm of handmade items is the slight distortions in shape and differences in painting that can only be achieved by hand.
A helmet plate is a shallow plate shaped like an upside down hat. Please use it for dishes using sauce.
Yoichi's unrealistic but cutely drawn squirrel looks like it's going to be a lot of fun in the vineyard.

Material porcelain
size φ17cm
specification microwave oven
oven ×
Yoichi Yamaguchi workshop
Warm porcelain made by hand
Yoichi Yamaguchi was born and raised in Arita and has continued to create products with a particular focus on porcelain.
We create gentle works expressed with tasteful dyeing, modeled after the old Imari paintings drawn by anonymous potters over 300 years ago.
Using a uniquely adjusted Gosu clay glaze, everything from making the dough on the potter's wheel to painting is done by hand by the couple.
Although it is made of porcelain, it feels warm and fits easily in your hand, goes well with a variety of dishes, and you will want to use it every day.
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