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Petal crest mug (red)

Petal crest mug (red)

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Petal pattern (red) mug

The popular petal crest is a product with each line beautifully drawn.
It can be enjoyed by people of all ages, as it has a modern element to its delicacy.
It's the perfect size for those who like to hold plenty of drinks.
The distorted handle also has a handmade feel and is cute when paired with the blue handle.

Material porcelain
size W9cm H8.8cm
specification microwave oven
oven ×

Modern Arita ware

Souta kiln is characterized by its gentle form and stylish painting.
Its simple and unpretentious style makes it easy to use on a daily basis, making it a series that is supported by a wide range of people, from young people to the elderly.
If you are not sure what to buy, why not start with the most popular designs, such as the peonies and round arabesque patterns?

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