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Colored landscape 7-inch plate

Colored landscape 7-inch plate

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Colored landscape 7-inch plate

Marubun Original [Bunsei] Series The glaze is mixed with iron powder, creating a tasteful vessel that creates the texture of early Imari.
The pictures drawn with a brush look like landscape paintings, and the colors are very beautiful.
The 7-inch plate is the perfect size for a main dish for one person, and the raised edges prevent sauces from spilling.

Material porcelain
size φ20cm H3cm
specification microwave oven
oven ×

Conveying the charm of Akae to the present day

Bunsei is a completely original series that has been running for 30 years.
We carefully examined the glazes, goths, and overlays of early Imari and early red paintings, and developed each pattern one by one. This is a series that conveys the charm of ancient ceramics to the present day.

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