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flat plate pearl black

flat plate pearl black

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S size: 9,000 yen (9,900 yen including tax) 210 x 210 x height 18 mm (400 g)
M size: 12,600 yen (13,860 yen including tax) 280 x 280 x height 23 mm (830 g)
L size: 16,200 yen (17,820 yen including tax) 330 x 330 x height 15 mm (1,270 g)

Glass + lacquer. GLASS JAPAN was born from Kuroe's traditional techniques and new ideas.
The sensibility of designer Eri Inaba resonates with the new lacquerware created by lacquer artist Yoshihiko Fujii, which combines the transparency of glass and the rich expressive power of lacquer, resulting in the birth of a new Western tableware, ``Perla.''

By using a special lacquer resin dyed with pearls and applying a design to the back of the glass, a pearl design that could not be created with glass coloring was created using lacquerware techniques, making it extremely beautiful.
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