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Cuvée glass genuine red gold leaf

Cuvée glass genuine red gold leaf

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Lacquered glass tableware that is dishwasher safe! !

15,600 yen (17,160 yen including tax)

62 (max. 104) x height 222mm (450ml) (1P: 178g)

*This product is a set of 2 pieces of the same color.

*We use pure silver and gold leaf in pursuit of authentic beauty.

The beauty of Japan that has been passed down since ancient times

The colors used in the world of lacquerware have unique color expressions that are different from those used in other industries.
The color of lacquerware is created by applying different colors in many layers to create a single color.
For example, if it is vermilion, it will reflect the jet black color that moves to the bottom of the vermilion, creating a unique deep color.
The human eye tries to see the deep color, which is why the color of lacquerware is described as deep.

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