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Ajiro plate Genuine vermilion gold leaf

Ajiro plate Genuine vermilion gold leaf

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Lacquered glass tableware that is dishwasher safe! !
<Tempered glass>

S size: 3,800 yen (4,180 yen including tax) 210 x 210 x height 20 mm (380 g)
M size: 5,500 yen (6,050 yen including tax) 256 x 256 x height 20 mm (540 g)
L size: 6,000 yen (6,600 yen including tax) 276 x 276 x height 20 mm (580 g)

*We use pure silver and gold leaf in pursuit of authentic beauty.

The colors used in the world of Japanese beautiful lacquerware, which has been handed down since ancient times, have a unique color expression that is different from the color used in other industries.
The color of lacquerware is created by applying different colors in many layers to create a single color.
For example, if it is vermilion, the jet black color that moves to the bottom of the vermilion will be reflected, creating a unique deep color.
The human eye tries to see the deep color, which is why the color of lacquerware is described as deep.
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